Awning Services in New Jersey

Large striped awning covers patio on two-story beach homeAwnings can expand the livable spaces in your home, creating shaded areas for work and play. With modern fabrics and motors, retractable awnings and other treatments can be utilized conveniently and easily in your home or business. Giglio Awning offers comprehensive awning repair service and maintenance throughout the New Jersey counties of Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth. Exercise more control over the immediate environment with shade and protection as you pursue your favorite activities inside sun-facing rooms, as well as on patios, balconies, and garden areas.

Residential Awning Services

For over 40 years, Giglio Awning has installed and repaired awnings of all shapes and sizes. We provide services for both businesses and homeowners. We understand the unique challenges that homeowners in our area face when it comes to enjoying either outdoor areas or inside rooms that face direct, hot sun during the year. Wind, sun, and other weather conditions impact our ability to utilize significant spaces in our living areas. Whether you want fixed or retractable awnings, our quality products and experienced staff can help with the following services:

  • Frame repair and replacement
  • Fabric repair
  • Recovering of awning fabric
  • Motor replacement
  • Cleaning and maintenance

Year-Round Service Contracts

Customers can set up service contracts with Giglio Awning to keep awnings clean and in good repair. Regular cleaning in the spring and fall is an easy way to lengthen the lifespan of these beautiful shade coverings. It helps control pollutants that can settle and become embedded in awning fabrics. This can cause discoloration, and premature aging, and facilitate faster degradation of both the awning fabric and frames. Customers can conveniently request these services online.

We encourage our customers to consider maintenance service contracts, as we’ve found that our twice-annual cleaning reduces the need for many awning repair services. Maintenance services include inspecting, cleaning, lubricating, and waxing the awning frame, as well as cleaning the awning fabric.

Additional Services for Homeowners with Giglio Awning

Giglio Awning is a full-service awning company, and we carry retractable awnings and other shade products manufactured by Sunesta. Customers can also order custom awnings that are made to fit uniquely sized or shaped areas, including patio awnings. Our services include helping customers take down, store, and rehang awnings as the seasons progress.

With these services, our customers can simply enjoy the shade and protection that these attractive awnings provide their home or business. In other words, when you choose high-quality awnings and maintenance services from Giglio Awning, your awning can be:

  • Installed quickly
  • Cleaned and lubricated periodically
  • Taken down when the season ends
  • Stored properly
  • Rehung when the weather warrants

Giglio Awning also offers expanded services for home and business owners in the New Jersey counties of Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth. These include:

  • Emergency storm services
  • Hurricane shutter servicing
  • Property management
  • Home improvement services

Experienced Staff for Awning Repair Services and Installation

Our in-house installers and repair staff are factory trained and certified by Sunesta. When Giglio Awning comes to your home or business to install a retractable awning for windows, doors, or outdoor areas, our customers can be assured of professional, efficient service. And when it comes to awning repair services, we can take care of frame repairs and replacements, fix any tears or damage to fabrics, as well as recovering the awning when necessary. We also install retractable screens for protection from wind and insects, as well as direct sunlight.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Giglio Awning

Residents of Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth counties in New Jersey can receive excellent awning and property management services with Giglio Awning. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is supported by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our goal is to help you enjoy more of your home and outdoor spaces all year. And we do this by providing shade and protection for areas that are exposed to the sun, wind, and insects. Our awning repair services keep these beautiful shade coverings in good shape, extending the protections offered to our customers. Contact us today.