Services in New Jersey

Worker raises arms and prepares to clean white awning from outside home

As a full-service awning company, Giglio Awning installs and services custom awnings. Our products include shading solutions for homes and businesses in the New Jersey counties of Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth. We also provide property management services when residents are away from home.

We recommend that home and business owners consider a service contract with Giglio Awning so that awning cleaning services, as well as removal, repair, storage, and storm protection, are provided promptly. We have created video tutorials to demonstrate these services. Learn more about our services.

Awning Cleaning

Giglio Awning offers premier awning cleaning services to maintain the beauty and usefulness of your awnings. We use environmentally safe cleaning products and a process designed for all fabric types. Awning cleaning services can take place at your home or business, or we can remove them and bring them to our facility. With expert cleaning techniques, we remove pollutants so they don’t become embedded in the fabric. Let us help protect your investment.

Take Down, Storage, and Rehang

Giglio Awning can take down both retractable and fixed awnings, as well as other custom shading solutions, such as fixed patio and deck canopies. Awning removal services are necessary during harsh winter weather conditions. We can take down the awnings for storage onsite or store awnings and canopies at our facility and bring them for rehanging and re-installation in the spring.

Awning Repair and Recovers

From time to time, awnings may need repairing. Giglio Awning offers awning repair services for homeowners and business owners in New Jersey. Repairs may include:

  • Frame and mounting hardware
  • Fabric rips, tears, or wear
  • Welded frames
  • Retractable awning parts
  • Recovers to add new design elements or due to wear and tear

Emergency Storm Service

When storms occur in our area of New Jersey, Giglio Awning can help home and business owners secure their properties. Our crews are dispatched when storm warnings are broadcast to help secure awnings, as well as windows, doors, and other structures that may be affected or cause harm. We also offer 24-hour storm emergency response to help with repairs that may follow a severe storm.

Hurricane Shutter Service

Giglio Awning offers our customers storm protection with rolling shutter systems and other measures to help keep your property safe. When it’s time to take appropriate hurricane action, we offer hurricane shutter services to protect windows and other structural elements of your home or business. In addition, we help maintain hurricane shutters, with motor and panel replacements and an annual maintenance program. We also offer repair services during weekends and holidays.

Property Management

Many of our customers travel during the winter months. But regardless of when you are away from home, Giglio Awning property management services can manage any needs arising with your property. These services include:

  • Checking your house weekly, October through April
  • Securing, boarding up, and applying hurricane shutters when storms warrant these actions
  • Maintenance of home temperatures to protect pipes and systems
  • Immediate contact should any problems arise concerning your property

We take immediate measures to correct any problems or contain and minimize damage resulting from storms or other causes.

Home Improvement

Homeowners and business owners can rely on Giglio Awning for experience with home improvement projects. We offer remodeling, carpentry, electrical work, painting, and plumbing services. Our family-owned and operated business welcomes the opportunity to help our neighbors and community repair and keep up their residences and businesses.

We also provide speedy retractable awning installation services. During peak season, we can install your custom awning in six to eight weeks. For off-season installations, we can order and install your awning in as few as four weeks.

Awning Cleaning Services & Service Contracts Available With Giglio Awning in New Jersey

When experienced professionals care for your awnings and other shading solutions, they will last longer and more reliably. Giglio Awning offers awning cleaning services that keep these additions to your home and business looking fresh.

We can provide awning repair services, as well as removal and storage, to customers across New Jersey, including Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth counties. And for those who are away for part of the year, we offer property management services to help protect your residence from storm or other damage. For more information about our services and service contracts, contact us today.