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Awning Cleaning

  • Awnings are a valuable investment.  To extend their life & keep them looking like new, Giglio Awning provides expert cleaning & year-round maintenance.
  • All of our cleaning products are environmentally safe. Regular cleaning prevents pollutants from becoming embedded into the surface of the fabric which causes premature material failure.
  • Our cleaning and service plans help protect your investment as well as the added benefit of attractive, clean awnings
  • Our cleaning process is designed for cleaning all awning fabric
  • Cleaning services On-Site or at our Facility

Take Down, Storage and Rehang

  • Because of the harsh winter weather, most fixed Patio and Deck Canopies, as well as Window and Porch Awnings, are required to be removed for Winter (“Takedown”), and then reinstalled during Spring (“Rehang”).  We also offer storage for your canopies.

Awning Repair and Recovers

  • Jobsite frame and mounting hardware repairs for custom awnings
  • Fabric repair
  • welded frame repair
  • Retractable awning repair and service
  • Awning recovers

Emergency Storm Service

  • Dispatch our service crews in case of an impending storm emergency and/or any structural damage
  • 24-hour storm emergency response

Hurricane Shutter Service

  • Shutter motor and panel replacement
  • Annual shutter maintenance program
  • Storm “boarding-up” services
  • Weekend & holiday repair services

Property Management

  • Manage all your needs when you are not here
  • House check services offered weekly – October thru April.
  • Storm “boarding-up” services
  • Weekend & holiday repair services
  • We maintain home temperatures to prevent pipes from freezing & check property for any types of damage resulting from weather conditions.
  • If issues are detected, we take steps to contain & minimize any damage.
  • We will contact you immediately and, with your permission, we will perform any necessary repairs for an additional cost.

Home Improvement

  • We provide everything from remodeling, carpentry, electrical, painting and plumbing. If it’s under your roof, outside your house, or in your yard, we can work on it.