Retractable Shelters in New Jersey

Given the many benefits that being outside provides, homeowners try to take advantage of their outdoor areas as much as possible. Unfortunately, uncontrollable factors, such as New Jersey’s unpredictable weather, can limit how much time you spend enjoying your outdoor living area.

To help homeowners make the most of their outdoor living space, Giglio Awning is pleased to offer retractable shelters. Serving Southern New Jersey, including Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth counties, our lineup of retractable shelters offers superior protection when weather conditions are less than ideal. Discover more about our selection of retractable shelters and how they can benefit you.

Retractable shelter protecting rooftop outdoor area that overlooks the water

About Our Retractable Sun Shelters

Retractable shelters can be a great addition to any outdoor space –– but only if they are able to successfully withstand the elements they will face. To ensure your retractable shelter continues performing year after year, Giglio Awning only offers solutions made from the highest quality and proven materials. In addition, to providing superior protection, our retractable shelters are stylish and are designed to complement your existing space. Guests will think your shelter has always been a part of your outdoor space.

Every outdoor space is unique. Therefore, our retractable shelters are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, Giglio Awning offers custom services to ensure your retractable sun-blocking solution properly fits your space. With precise measurements, our team will create a retractable shelter that effectively protects you and your outdoor space.

Reasons to Consider a Retractable Shelter

While protection and the ability to utilize your space during rain or shine is a major advantage of having a retractable shelter, it’s not the only one. Homeowners can expect a wide range of other great benefits with a retractable shelter, including:

Ease of Operation

While retractable shelters provide superior protection against inclement weather and the sun’s powerful UV rays, protection is not necessary every day. Some days, the weather is just right, and residents can’t help but want to be outdoors enjoying it. With the motorized retraction feature, customers can do just that. It takes a simple push of a button for your outdoor space can go from being covered to being open to the elements. Such versatility allows you to dictate how you enjoy your outdoor area. If the winds shift and a storm is expected to roll through, press the button again to quickly seek shelter.

Increased Home Value

Investing in a retractable shelter can help increase your home’s value. When you decide to add a shelter to your outdoor space, it’s like you’re adding another room to your home. The addition of a retractable shelter means a considerably greater amount of time can be spent entertaining or relaxing outside.  Many prospective homeowners see this as a desirable feature and are willing to pay more for homes that have protected outdoor living spaces.

Year-Round Enjoyment

Outdoor living isn’t just for the summertime, though the lack of a shelter could deter many from enjoying winter, spring, and fall outside. A retractable shelter could perfectly complement chillier weather that calls for warm beverages, portable heaters and lanterns, and bundling up. Shielding you from precipitation and chilly winds, a retractable shelter enables you and your family to be outside any time of year.

Fast Installation Time

Adding a retractable shelter can be done quicker than you think when you choose Giglio Awning. Our highly skilled team can finish installations in three to four weeks during the off season or six to eight weeks during peak season.

Top-Quality Retractable Shelters and More at Giglio Awning

Don’t let the weather control how much you utilize your outdoor space. Instead, maximize your outdoor area’s potential with help from the experienced team at Giglio Awning. Serving residential and commercial clients located in Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth counties, our family-owned business is pleased to offer a full lineup of sun-locking products, such as retractable shelters, retractable awnings, screens, and custom shading solutions. Our experience and knowledge allow us to perform multiple services to meet the needs of our clients and help them make the most out of their spaces.

For more information about our selection of retractable sun and rain shelters for patios and other living spaces, along with our other products, contact us today.