High-Quality Patio Awnings Available to Barnegat, NJ, Homeowners & Business Owners

Yellow striped awning over a patio with a variety of furnitureAdding an awning to a patio allows you to enjoy the space comfortably even on hot summer days and during rain showers. This is true no matter if the patio is in your backyard or outside your business. At Giglio Awning, we specialize in installing beautiful, functional patio awnings for homeowners and business owners in Barnegat, New Jersey. We’ve served the area since 1976 and we can’t wait to create the perfect patio awning for your needs.

Our Premium Patio Awnings

We offer retractable patio awnings as well as custom fixed awnings. Both types have their own unique advantages:

  • Retractable awnings – We source our retractable awnings from industry-leading manufacturer Sunesta. With a retractable awning system, you can enjoy full sun on your patio if you wish, or deploy your awning at the touch of a button to instantly create a shaded space. In most cases, we can have your Sunesta retractable awning ordered and installed within just two weeks.
  • Custom awnings – We also fabricate completely custom awnings and canopies for both residential and commercial These awnings are non-retractable and feature a frame that remains in place year-round. The fabric is typically removed and stored during the winter and replaced for the warmer seasons. Our fixed awnings are much better suited to handle inclement weather than retractable awnings, thanks to their beefier frames. Since we fabricate each awning or canopy on a custom basis, you can select the exact size, shape, and color that you prefer.

Additional Awning Services

Our team at Giglio Awning also offers extra services to help your awning or canopy stay in peak condition for years to come. These services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Frame and retraction mechanism repairs
  • Fabric repair and replacement
  • Winterization (takedown, storage, and rehang)

We even have seasonal packages, so you don’t have to remember to book awning maintenance appointments each time—just set it and forgot it.

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To learn more about our patio awning options available in Barnegat, NJ, contact Giglio Awning today. We’ll be happy to discuss your awning goals and answer any questions.