Retractable Screens in New Jersey

New Jersey offers its residents a full spectrum of seasons throughout the year. During the warmer months, many residents enjoy opening up their windows and allowing fresh air to circulate their homes. The trouble is that fresh air isn’t the only thing making its way into your home.

To provide homeowners with the perfect balance for any living area, Giglio Awning provides retractable screens. Serving Southern New Jersey, including Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth counties, our retractable screens effortlessly fresh air into your home while keeping wind, pests, and direct sunlight out with the touch of a button. Learn more about our selection of retractable motorized screens and why they will make a great addition to your home.


Retractable motorized screens offer privacy, protect inside living space from insects and sun glare


Retractable Screens Available at Giglio Awning

Retractable screens offer residents a wide range of advantages –– but only if they can withstand certain factors and last. Sentry motorized retractable screens by Sunesta are made from only the highest quality and proven materials to ensure they continue to perform season after season. Unlike other sun-blocking products that are clunky and awkward, our retractable screens are convenient, easy to use, and stylish.

At Giglio Awning, we understand every customer’s needs as well as their home and/or business outdoor areas are unique. Our experienced staff takes the time to precisely measure your space, so we can deliver custom furnished retractable motorized screens that are a perfect fit, solving your shade, privacy or insect issues. The beauty of Sentry motorized screens is not only the shade/privacy protection they provide, but when they are retracted, they are barely noticeable.

Reasons for Retractable Screens

Motorized retractable screens offer many advantages to homeowners and businesses alike. If you have ever experienced sitting with a homeowner or business owner who has motorized screens, their ability to provide shade, privacy or insect protection at the touch of a button, is nothing short of impressive, as Sentry screens are as beautiful as they are functional. Clients, who choose to add Sentry screens to their homes or outside living areas, can expect the following benefits:

Keep Out Unwanted Elements

The most significant benefit of retractable screens is the protection they provide. Everyone loves a nice cool breeze, but leaving your home or living space exposed leaves you unprotected. Retractable screens offer the best of both worlds, allowing homeowners to enjoy the fresh air without needing to worry about what comes with it. The sun’s heat and harmful rays, along with insects and other annoying pests are much less of a concern with the protection of retractable screens.

Improve Home’s Energy Efficiency

Protection from the sun’s heat means a cooler home. This can translate to your HVAC system requiring much less energy to maintain comfortable temperatures during the year’s hottest months.

Protection without Obstruction

Perhaps the most useful benefit of having a retractable screen is being protected from unwanted elements while still having a clear view. Residents can remain comfortable without the view of their property obstructed. This can be extremely important to residential customers with small children. Adults can keep a watchful eye on children outside while being protected and relaxed. Sentry screens are available in many colors, including different openness options in order to meet the distinctive needs of every customer.

Privacy and Security

Another useful advantage of outfitting your home or living space with retractable screens is the privacy they can provide. Residents can extend the time they spend enjoying their space by creating a private sanctuary using retractable screens.

Maintain Home’s Integrity

Some property owners may be turned off by the idea of a retractable screen. That’s because they believe it will look aesthetically unpleasing to the eye. Sentry motorized retractable screens installed by the experienced team at Giglio Awning are designed to complement your home while offering superior protection. When not in use, retractable screens are almost undetectable, helping maintain the beauty and appeal of your home.

Find High-Quality Retractable Screens and More at Giglio Awning

Whatever your needs may be, homeowners and businesses can be confident choosing Giglio Awning for their privacy, shade or insect protection solutions. Serving those located in Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth counties, our family-owned business has been providing the local community with effective sun-blocking products since 1976. In addition to Sentry motorized retractable screens, Giglio also is proud to offer sales and support for these Sunesta products: the Sunlight, the Sunstyle and the Sunesta retractable motorized/manual (gear) awnings, Sunplus retractable canopies/shelters, and Sundrop and Sunbrero window/door awnings.Giglio Awning also offers custom designed fixed awnings as well as takedown, storage and rehang services to protect your awning during the winter months, where applicable. Our experience and knowledge allow us to perform multiple services for both residential and commercial clients.

For more information about our selection of retractable screens for patios and other living spaces, along with our other products, contact us today.