Custom Commercial Awnings for Manahawkin, NJ, Business Owners

Blue and white striped awning on a white commercial buildingA shaded outdoor area can make a stunning addition to your business and provide a comfortable, convenient space for your guests or customers. Since 1976, Giglio Awning has been offering beautiful custom commercial awnings to business owners in Manahawkin, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. As long-time outdoor living experts, we strive to share our vast experience and educate our customers through our expertise to create the perfect awning solution.

Our Retractable & Fixed Commercial Awning Options

We know that a B&B owner likely won’t need the same type of awning that a restaurant owner would, which is why we offer a wide range of commercial awnings. For example, we offer both Sunesta retractable awnings as well as completely custom patio solutions that we manufacture in-house. That way, your awning will perfectly meet your customers’ needs in terms of:

  • Sun protection – Our commercial awnings can create shade, provide UV protection, and help control the brightness of your indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Bug relief – In addition to traditional awnings, we also offer attached and freestanding structures and enclosures to create a bug-free space for your guests or customers to sit outside.
  • Weather shelter – We also offer awning systems that can stand up to inclement weather and keep your guests sheltered from rain, wind, and so forth.

The fixed awnings that we manufacture in-house can be completely customized to meet your size, shape, and color preferences. We are truly a full-service shading and storm protection solutions provider, so we can not only create the perfect commercial awning for your business, but we can also provide maintenance, repairs, and winterization services.

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To learn more about our commercial awning options, visit our awning showroom on LBI or contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and get started creating the perfect awning solution for your Manahawkin, NJ, business.