Think Spring!

The calendar may say February but we are in Think Spring mode! Now is the time for you to start thinking about your summer shading solutions! We have been busy helping businesses reopen and are currently working on Buckalew’s awnings and are just about finished making (locally) Raimondo’s marquee front entrance just in time for their grand reopening tomorrow! Our work board is filling up and we are ready to take on shade! The Island is open and we’re coming back strong! Both Wawas are scheduled to reopen in March, Nardi’s has reopened and is holding an “LBI is Alive” fundraiser on Sat. March 8th to help get the word out that LBI is Back!! Buckalew’s will be holding their Beach Haven Future Restoration Fundraiser on March 23rd. Your favorite vacation spot is back in full force and we’re raring to go! Please help us spread the word! We’re thinking Spring now but soon we’ll be thinking SUMMER ON LBI!!!