We’re Making Great Progress!

Snow in Spring? That’s the skinny! This weather is wacky! But that’s ok, it gives us more time to spruce up and straighten up before the Summer Sun Seekers arrive!  Our local businesses are replacing and repairing damages made by Sandy and more and more of them are reopening every day! Sandy debris removal is underway in Barnegat Bay to ensure safe water sport, fishing and boating fun. (The contractors pulled a car up the other day! See photo below) The beaches and the dunes are being replenished and dune grass is being planted all up and down the Island. More and more progress is being made every day! When you come back and see LBI you won’t believe your eyes! So forget the past and focus on the future. This is going to be the best Summer ever! We’re looking forward to seeing you!


Photo by one of the contractors, Crowder Gulf.