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Giglio Awning Team Wins Big!

We recently attended the Sunesta Dealer Conference in Florida and came home with three awards! We won the 2012 Photo Contest, The Bullseye Award and 2012 Northeast Region Dealer of the Year. It was an honor to be recognized by our industry’s leaders. It was a great conference and we look forward to the new ideas and products that Sunesta will be introducing this season.



As we’re sure you know Long Beach Island was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. We here at Giglio Awning have been doing our best to aid in the cleanup and recovery of the Island. We are working very hard to help our neighbors and customers get back on their feet and to make LBI great again. Everyone here has made great strides as most of our residents have returned to and are living in their homes once again. Our businesses are doing great too, with more and more opening every day. Realtors are busy showing summer rental properties and the Island is hopping and busy as we prepare for the 2013 Summer Season. Unfortunately, a lot of awnings and outdoor furniture was damaged or destroyed during Sandy and will need to be replaced. We are having a Presidents’ Day Sale from Friday February 15th to Tuesday February 18th. We will be offering a 6% discount on all new purchases. Stop by our showroom in Harvey Cedars or visit our website to take advantage of the savings!

Valentine’s Weekend!

Long Beach Island was the place to be for Valentine’s Weekend! There was so much going on it was hard to decide what to do! A lot of restaurants were open. Blue Water Café and Buckalew’s were bustling and busy and those that aren’t open yet are working hard to open as soon as they can. Many shops were open and people were taking advantage of Presidents’ Day Sales. The Beach Haven Volunteer Fire Company, Station 15, had their annual Turkey Dinner and served 2,307 dinners and raised a lot of money in the process. Fantasy Island had its Arcade Grand Reopening and the skee ball games were getting a work out. Realtors were busy showing rental properties and say that at least 90% of the rental inventory is available for vacationers. No doubt about it, we’ll be back and better than ever this summer! Were you here this weekend? If so, what did you do?

Think Spring!

The calendar may say February but we are in Think Spring mode! Now is the time for you to start thinking about your summer shading solutions! We have been busy helping businesses reopen and are currently working on Buckalew’s awnings and are just about finished making (locally) Raimondo’s marquee front entrance just in time for their grand reopening tomorrow! Our work board is filling up and we are ready to take on shade! The Island is open and we’re coming back strong! Both Wawas are scheduled to reopen in March, Nardi’s has reopened and is holding an “LBI is Alive” fundraiser on Sat. March 8th to help get the word out that LBI is Back!! Buckalew’s will be holding their Beach Haven Future Restoration Fundraiser on March 23rd. Your favorite vacation spot is back in full force and we’re raring to go! Please help us spread the word! We’re thinking Spring now but soon we’ll be thinking SUMMER ON LBI!!!

Awnings Are Awesome!

To some, an awning may seem to be just a decorative fixture on a home.
Awnings serve many other purposes while complementing the outside
appearance of your home, including saving you money!
Awnings help to lower your utility costs year around. On warm days,
extend your awning to block the sun from entering your home. Shading
your interior will naturally cool your home and reduce air
conditioning costs up to 25%. On cold days, you can retract your
awning, allowing the sun to help heat your home. (Sunesta)
Give your patio or sunroom furniture a longer life. The sun’s UV rays
can severely damage and fade furniture, carpet, upholstery, drapes and
flooring. You can protect your valuable interior furnishings and
prolong their life with a retractable awning. (Sunesta)
Our awnings are retractable so you “control your own weather”. Want
sun? You got it! Need more shade? No problem! Just turn the handle
or, better yet, push a button!
Having company? Great! Awnings are the perfect answer for entertaining
friends! Gather under the awning and you won’t have to worry if the
sun is too hot or if it starts to drizzle! Relax and enjoy the party!

We’re Making Great Progress!

Snow in Spring? That’s the skinny! This weather is wacky! But that’s ok, it gives us more time to spruce up and straighten up before the Summer Sun Seekers arrive!  Our local businesses are replacing and repairing damages made by Sandy and more and more of them are reopening every day! Sandy debris removal is underway in Barnegat Bay to ensure safe water sport, fishing and boating fun. (The contractors pulled a car up the other day! See photo below) The beaches and the dunes are being replenished and dune grass is being planted all up and down the Island. More and more progress is being made every day! When you come back and see LBI you won’t believe your eyes! So forget the past and focus on the future. This is going to be the best Summer ever! We’re looking forward to seeing you!


Photo by one of the contractors, Crowder Gulf.

April Showers Bring May AWNINGS!

It’s April and we’re a little more than a month out from the official start of our season, Memorial Day Weekend! We’ve been very busy these past five months helping our residents and local businesses recoup from Sandy and get ready for The Summer of 2013! We are charging head on into our very busy rehang season and are currently working on rehangs for the Surf City Hotel, Ship Bottom Shellfish, Buckalew’s, and Dockside Diner as well as many homes. If you need to schedule a rehang, or any of our many other awning services, we have made it easy for you. Just visit our website and click on the Services Contracts tab and do it all online: It’s time to start thinking about spring and summer sun and we are your full service shading solutions provider!

Every day, more businesses are reopening here on LBI! The Acme is open now and Murphy’s will be opening soon. The Chicken or The Egg (The Chegg) reopened on April 1st and people waited in line for hours for their wings! Great things are happening down here and soon the only thing we will think  of when we hear “Sandy” will be the classic Bruce song! LBI is coming back better and stronger than ever! We are very excited for summer and we look forward to seeing you!

Are you prepared for the next big storm?

It’s that time of year again, the time when, if we live on or near the sea, our thoughts are on Hurricane Season! With this in mind, our featured product for July & August is the Hurricane Shutter. Hurricane Shutters serve to keep your home or business safe and secure. Hurricane Shutters lessen the impact of severe weather damage. They secure your property by preventing would be home invaders from smashing in your doors and windows. Finally, and just as importantly, hurricane shutters are energy efficient and will help save you money on your utility bills. We’ve installed a number of Hurricane Shutters after Sandy and we expect to have a busy hurricane season.  Call the showroom to schedule your free in-home estimate!

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It’s August Already! Can You Believe It?

Wow! It’s almost the middle of August already! This summer is flying by! And it’s been a good one here on Long Beach Island! The beaches are full and the restaurants and stores are busy! The Island is bustling!  It’s great to see that all of our summer visitors have returned and are enjoying all the great things Long Beach Island still has to offer.  Sandy may have knocked us down but we got back up swinging!  While the weather this summer hasn’t been great on a lot of days, we’ve been very fortunate on the hurricane front. I think most people will take some cloudy days and afternoon thunder storms over the alternative! We’ve been busy installing awnings and hurricane shutters these past couple of months. We are in the process of installing 161 hurricane shutters at the NJ Maritime Museum on Dock Rd. in Beach Haven. When we’re finished, the museum will qualify as an official storm shelter. It’s comforting to know that our residents will have a safe place to go if they can’t make it off Island when the next big storm hits. If you’d like to protect your home from damage brought on by storms, or need a shading solution, call our showroom to schedule a free in-home estimate. 609-494-3004. Stay tuned for news about the opening of our second showroom in Manahawkin!

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Dealer of the year 2013 in the United States

Dealer of the year 2013 in the United States. Strongest sales volume. We thank all of our loyal employees, partners, customers. Third year in a row. Thank you everyone!